Saints' Graham joins ESPN's 'Mike & Mike'

NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham joined ESPN’s Mike & Mike on set Friday morning as they’re broadcasting their radio show from the NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans.

Graham mostly reiterated his comments from a day earlier when asked for his thoughts on whether he should be considered a tight end or wide receiver as he heads into contract talks and a likely franchise tag in the coming weeks.

“That’s not really for me to say, I guess,” Graham said to hosts Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. “I go and I do and line up where I’m told. You know, we do a lot of things for matchup purposes. And whenever I’m split out I’m bigger than everyone, so I’m able to have that matchup. So I just do what I’m told and I play and go and do what I’m told to do.

“So, hopefully it doesn’t have to get to that and we can figure something out.”

Teams can begin franchising players on Monday, with a two-week window to do so before the March 3 deadline.

It seems highly unlikely that a long-term deal will get done that quickly.

Graham also talked about his past as a college basketball player at the University of Miami and what made the Seattle Seahawks' defense such a tough matchup this year.

Click here for the full audio of Graham’s radio interview.