Graham's tweet: 'Shocked and disappointed'

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham tweeted his displeasure with the Saints' latest roster cuts on Friday evening:

Obviously that tweet is dripping with irony, since Graham is a big reason for the Saints' current salary-cap quandary. The Saints placed the franchise tag on Graham last week, which came with a $7.05 million salary-cap hit. And Graham is believed to be seeking well over $10 million per year in a long-term contract.

However, I don't blame Graham for his contract desires – just like I don't blame quarterback Drew Brees for his average salary of $20 million per year. Those guys are elite players with astronomical market values. But that doesn't necessarily mean there is a direct cause and effect between their salaries and the others.

I think it's telling, though, that Graham's tweet came out shortly after the latest news of Darren Sproles' pending release. That one surprised me more than all of the others, too. The Saints also released receiver Lance Moore earlier on Friday.

The Saints' flurry of offseason moves is clearly tough for a lot of people to swallow -- fans and teammates alike.