Vegas! Saints find creative way to recharge

The New Orleans Saints' front office and coaching staff will take a weekend trip to Las Vegas to recharge their batteries before the NFL draft, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Roughly 50 officials will take the trip before returning to work for the final preparations for next Thursday night’s draft, sources told Schefter.

Those sources said the Saints are one of many teams that have grown weary of the extra time leading up to this year’s draft, which is two weeks later than usual. However, the Saints’ staff takes a similar trip almost every spring.

As Schefter said, the idea of a Vegas trip the week before the draft may sound odd at first. But since the draft was pushed back two weeks later than usual this year, sources said the Saints feel as if they have done the necessary extensive work on each prospect. They feel like they've have gone over every prospect two or three times. And the organization decided it would be best to take a break before coming back and attacking the draft fresh on Monday.

This type of change of pace is not unusual for the Saints. They have also tried to tweak their training camp routine for players every two or three years to keep things fresh -- moving locations around the country, practicing with various teams or taking days off for non-football activities like water parks, paintball or go karts.

It might also be the Saints' subtle way of showing that they feel the draft build-up has taken too long.

The NFL said the date was pushed back this year solely because of a scheduling conflict with New York's Radio City Music Hall, where the draft is held every year. However, there has been speculation that the league might consider a permanent move to May -- in part to increase the build-up among fans and viewers.