Loomis: Draft delay doesn't change much

METAIRIE, La. -- If New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis had his choice, he would probably keep the draft in late April. But he said the extra two weeks haven’t made a big difference for better or for worse this year.

“I don’t think we like it, and yet I can’t really point to anything and say, ‘This is why we don’t like it,’” Loomis said when asked about the draft being pushed back further than normal this year.

His one complaint: “I don’t like the idea of our scouts and our people missing out on Mother’s Day activities on Sunday because they’re here and not at their homes, for those guys that live outside of New Orleans. That’s the one thing I can say about this particular weekend.”

When asked if there are any benefits to the extra preparation time, such as getting extra time to review medical reports, Loomis said not really. He said the Saints have had ample time for such research.

“Obviously it gave us some time to go to Las Vegas,” Loomis joked, referring to the trip the Saints’ entire staff took this past weekend.

Loomis, however, stressed that the trip had nothing to do with the Saints being weary of the pre-draft monotony, as ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported last week.

“That’s a trip Sean (Payton) and I have done with our staff every year. And we’ve always done it on this weekend,” Loomis explained. “In years past, that trip was after the draft. But this year, because of the time schedule, it ended up being before. So it had absolutely nothing to do with the draft.”

Loomis also stressed how much he enjoys the predraft process every year -- no matter how long it lasts.

“I enjoy the process from beginning to end. A large part of that has to do with the people that I work with,” said Loomis, who opened his pre-draft news conference on Wednesday by acknowledging how much he appreciates the work of the scouting staff. “I enjoy the people on our staff. I respect their opinions -- and we have a lot of guys that are willing to give them. That’s the way it should be. I enjoy the process from beginning to end, including the college free agent process after the draft.”