Gleason doing well after tracheotomy

Former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason underwent a successful tracheotomy on Monday to help with his breathing.

Gleason, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, described the procedure on Twitter as “semi-planned” since he knew it would likely be necessary at some point in the near future. Doctors reportedly recommended the surgery Monday after Gleason was experiencing breathing problems.

According to an update on the Team Gleason website, the procedure went well, and Gleason’s wife Michel and friend Blair Casey said “he looks great.”

“No doubt this will enable him to be more active in his mission to continue living a productive and rich life as a husband, father and advocate for the end of ALS. #NoWhiteFlags," the website posted.

Gleason and members of his Team Gleason charitable foundation have become world-renowned for their efforts to advance the awareness, the treatment and the quality of life for patients with neuromuscular disorders.

Gleason, who is able to communicate through a technology that allows him to type through eye movements, added his own update on Twitter late Monday – as only he could:

“I am persistent like a banana tree. Cut me down, and I will be back before you know it. -SG #nowhiteflags.”