Canty: 'Super Bowl hangover is real'

Chris Canty believes in the Super Bowl hangover.

The former Giants defensive tackle and new Raven plans to share what he learned from the Giants' failed title defense with the new defending champs.

"I've talked to the guys about that," Canty said at Wednesday night's ESPN Pre-Draft party. "That Super Bowl hangover deal is real. I'll start by saying that."

Now that Canty can look back on it, he sees how winning the Super Bowl and the ensuing euphoria can impact a team's preparation and title defense.

"Absolutely," Canty said when asked if the Giants suffered because of a Super Bowl hangover. "I think everybody was enjoying basking in the glow of being Super Bowl champions, almost three million people on a parade through the Canyon of Heroes, it was that kind of reality for us throughout the whole offseason last year.

"And I don't think guys approached putting our team back together and going through what we needed to go through in order to be able to compete for a championship in the 2012 season," he continued. "And it worked against us. And you saw it late in the season. Teams were outplaying us, they were fundamentally more sound than us, they were better technique-wise than us, and we were outplayed, plain and simple."

Canty said he plans on making his new teammates in Baltimore understand what he learned the hard way with the Giants.

"Those are some of the lessons that I'm trying to instill in some of the guys, some of the younger guys, now," he said. "So they understand, listen, you just can't show up and win a championship. You have to go through the process, that's what it is."