Tuck notebook: Super Bowl talk

The comparisons to the 2007 Giants are nice.

The comparisons to the 2010 Packers may be more accurate.

As the Giants have gone on another run to the Super Bowl, defensive end Justin Tuck said on WFAN Radio on Monday that he believes there are plenty of comparisons between the Giants and last year's Super Bowl champion.

"There are some teams that didn't get in the playoffs and have the talent and if they could have found that one little switch to turn on, they could have been in the same situation we're in," Tuck said. "It's all about the team that figures it out.

"I think Green Bay is a great example of that last year and I think they're kind of similar to how we were this year. The injuries they had, a lot of injuries we had. Going into the game against us down there, they didn't know if they were going to make the playoffs but once they figured it out, I told Aaron Rodgers, after they beat us, 'Go win a Super Bowl', because I felt it, I felt like that team was starting to click like Super Bowl teams do.

"We're starting to get that way and we have been that way the last couple week and it's magical to watch it and be a part of it and you don't have the words to explain."

The Packers were ravaged with injuries last year and were just 8-6 before beating the Giants and Bears to clinch a playoff spot. Once they got in the playoffs, they took down the top three seeds before beating Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl.

This season, the Giants were 7-7 before beating the Jets and Cowboys to win their division and have now taken down the top two seeds to advance to the Super Bowl. In less than two weeks, we'll find out if they can fully mirror the Packers run.

TIME TO RELISH: In his third year with the Giants, Tuck played in a Super Bowl, winning the title with the Giants in their 17-14 win over the Patriots. The defensive end admits to thinking back then a trip to the biggest game of the year might become a regular occurrence.

"The first time I did it, you feel like we're going to be back next year," Tuck said. "I'm going to probably see five or six Super Bowls in my career. Now, you realize that it just doesn't come around every year. It's a great opportunity but it's not promised to you in your career."

With that in mind, Tuck said he's not going to take this Super Bowl trip, the second of his career, as much as he did the first time. He said he's going to enjoy some more of the pageantry of the week and might even be recording on video the week's happenings.

"I'm blessed and very lucky to be in my second and who knows, this may be my last. You have to relish the opportunity and make the memories, I guess," he added.

EPIC REMATCH: The Giants will face the Patriots once again in the Super Bowl and Tuck is hoping the game can be as titanic a clash as the first game was.

"It doesn't really matter who the opponent is but it's going to be fun because I always say the best will bring out your best so it should bring out your best," Tuck said. "You talk about the likes of Tom Brady and (Bill) Belichick and what they've done in this league. A lot of respect goes to those guys and they've been playing awesome as of late and that football team has been playing awesome as of late. I'm thinking and hoping it will be another one of those epic Super Bowl games but we're going to have to play our best game to beat those guys and it's going to be fun."