Snee doubts Coughlin in last year

The son-in-law doesn't see his father-in-law bowing out at the end of the year.

Offensive lineman Chris Snee said Thursday that he doesn't believe his father-in-law, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, is looking at this season as his last go as a coach.

"I highly doubt that," Snee said. "I'm pretty sure you'll have to drag him out of here. You have to ask him. It's not my question."

Snee's comments come just days after Coughlin told CBSSports.com following the Giants' 20-17 win on Sunday night that he has no plans to retire with one year left on his deal.

"I feel good," Coughlin said to CBSSports.com. "Retire to do what?"

Snee believes that Coughlin is having fun as the Giants prepare to take on the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Last week, before the Giants faced the 49ers, Coughlin even joked with and at the expense of reporters a few days before the game, a rarity for the coach who is known for his all-business demeanor.

"We're in the Super Bowl," Snee said about Coughlin having more fun. "This time of year is fun when every week you know that you're still standing and other teams have gone home and you're in the final two. It's a position really we've worked our tail off to get to and went though a lot of bumps."

The offensive lineman credited Coughlin for changing his style as a coach, saying it shows how much winning means to him that he was willing to change a style that had been so successful for him in the past. He also seemed to indicate that he believes a second Super Bowl ring would help Coughlin's legacy.

"Obviously if it were up to me he would go down as one of the best coaches but it's not," Snee said of winning a second title. "It's up to the public, up to the media, but he's a hell of a coach."