Bed check: Bizarro Coughlin

INDIANAPOLIS -- Was that Tom Coughlin smiling in his interview booth on Super Bowl media day?

The New York Giants went through their media day and looked relaxed. So relaxed that they looked like pros at the whole thing. As we make our bed check well before Coughlin's curfew, let's take a look at some of the things that happened today.

NEWS OF THE DAY: Brandon Jacobs and Osi Umenyiora (seen here) talked about whether this could be their final game as Giants. Not a bad way to go out if that's the case. Both have one year remaining on their contracts, but the Giants have a roster bonus to pay Jacobs and Osi will be looking for a raise again soon.

Jacobs also talked about his good friend Plaxico Burress and how Plax's heart remains Blue (well, before he was a Jet and a Giant, his heart was green for Michigan State but ... oh, never mind).

POSTCARD FROM INDY: By Super Bowl media day standards, this media day was rather tame. There were fans in the stands for the first time, but they remained mostly quiet outside of a few bursts of applause.

Where were all the celebs with the microphones? R&B star Ciara was the only celeb I spotted on the field. Where was the lovely Latina reporter who dresses in a wedding gown and proposes to players for fun? Instead, all we got was one television reporter dressed up as a super hero, another from VH1 dressed in old-time football uniform with leather helmet (here's Justin Tuck checking out his uniform) and some dude telling everyone that he's celebrating The Year of the Dragon. Oh, and there was Maria Menounos, who wore a Patriots jersey.

The players enjoyed the media day and actually seemed like they had gone through it several times before. Heck, Coughlin actually smiled often and actually seemed to be enjoying a full hour of non-stop questions. Who was this? Bizarro Coughlin?

"To be honest with you, it's great," Coughlin said when asked how he and the team were handling media day. "It's part of the deal. It's fun and it's nice once in a while to get a unique question. We all understand that this is very much a part of the reason why this game is so popular worldwide. You just try and enjoy it."

His son-in-law, Giants guard Chris Snee, was asked if Coughlin has gotten "warmer and fuzzier."

"Warmer? Fuzzier?" Snee asked. "I don't know if I'd use those adjectives, but he's lightened up a lot."

Snee was also asked if it is tough going from player to son-in-law with Coughlin.

"No, not at all," Snee said. "It's eight years of having this relationship, so we got it ironed out pretty good."

A few players were asked about Madonna, this year's halftime act. But otherwise, as Dave Tollefson tells you in the video above, this was a tame SB media day.

WHAT 'TREL SAY: This might be a fixture in the bed check. My man Antrel Rolle has been here for two days and is two-for-two on saying he expects the Giants to win. He looks relaxed on media day here. In case you didn't see this from earlier, Rolle isn't even the most outspoken one in his family of fighters.