Bradshaw says he's practicing again

INDIANAPOLIS -- Ahmad Bradshaw surprised Tom Coughlin by practicing on Wednesday. He said he was going to surprise him again by going on Thursday.

"Just to get my legs up under me," Bradshaw said. "We've been staying in this hotel for the last couple of days, sitting on our butts in meetings and everything else, so I just wanted to get my feet up under me and get out there and have fun."

Bradshaw's routine is to normally sit out the first two practices and then go on Fridays to rest his fractured foot.

"I think it was a surprise just because I haven't been out there on Wednesday in a while," he said. "I just wanted to get out there yesterday and run around and just get the flow of the defenses and different things they'll throw at us."

There will be a pool report later from Giants practice and we'll see how everyone is classified for today's practice.