The Day After: Coughlin on running game

Tom Coughlin was still happy with some things and not so happy with other issues the day after the 26-3 win over the Jets.

First, here’s the latest injury update on Ahmad Bradshaw’s hand and Jayron Hosley’s foot in case you missed it.

And also, here’s Coughlin’s take on a video that has gone viral of Jason Pierre-Paul pranking Prince Amukamara.

As for on the field, Coughlin weighed in on the running game, which produced a total of 58 yards on 32 carries against the Jets’ defense.

“We had a couple of decent runs,” Coughlin said. “David [Wilson] had a nice run, Andre Brown had a nice run that was called back. Da’Rel Scott had a couple of runs where he ran up in there hard, although we didn’t have a lot of yardage to show for it.”

Coughlin did praise his offensive line and fullback Henry Hynoski for gaining two yards on a third-and-1 at the Jets’ 27 in the first quarter.

Coughlin made it sound like Hynoski, who didn’t have a carry during his rookie season last year, could be a short-yardage option with Brandon Jacobs gone.

“The short yardage pick-up by Henry, although not a lot of distance, was a plus for us,” Coughlin said. “We’ve not always, in the last couple of years, been very good in that area. That was a plus. It gave us one more form of a weapon to be utilized in that circumstance.”

• • •

Coughlin said he was happy with how his offensive line did and adapted considering the different looks they saw from the Jets defense.

“You cannot underestimate how valuable the pressure of that kind of scheme in our second preseason game, how valuable that is to us going forward,” Coughlin said. “We certainly had our share of mistakes, and our second and third guys were kind of swimming a little bit, but I don’t think there’s any question about the value of it. Having experienced it this early in the season, the benefit going forward.”

• • •

Coughlin had good things to say about his first-round pick, Wilson, who led the team in rushing with 26 yards on eight carries.

“David had an opportunity or two, not many, but he did have a couple, and he looked pretty good running up in there on those opportunities,” Coughlin said. “Danny [Ware] had maybe one or two runs that were pretty good, we didn’t have any really breakout runs to speak of. It was pretty inconsistent, and some choppiness. Each one of the guys seemed to have a play or two that was good and a play or two that was bad.”

Coughlin also saw some improvement from Wilson in pass protection.

“He had a nice pass protection pickup,” Coughlin said. “He probably should’ve stayed up and not tried to cut the rusher, but he did. He knew who he had, and he came over with aggressiveness, and so he did understand that aspect of pass protection, which is a good thing.”

• • •

As for the passing game, Coughlin reiterated he was unhappy with Eli Manning’s interception when the quarterback tried to throw the ball away. He did like what he saw from rookie receiver Rueben Randle and some other receivers.

“Rueben Randle had a very nice play,” Coughlin said of Randle’s 49-yard catch. “David Douglas had a very nice play. We had some nice run after the catch by JJ [Jerrel Jernigan].”