Secondary is primary

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- As exciting as it was on television to see Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman throw all those deep passes late in the game, Giants cornerback Michael Coe knows that Freeman's performance didn’t reflect well on the Giants' secondary.

“We made some good plays, they made some good plays,” Coe said. “Overall, we’ve got to eliminate the big play.”

The Giants won the game, but the secondary was a bit more exposed than coach Tom Coughlin would have liked.

“Well, naturally I’m concerned,” Coughlin said. “Why are we not making a play on the ball? We don’t see the ball come out. We need to really, really work to know the ball is arriving because there is something you can do about it.”

Coe didn’t play late because of an injured hamstring.

“My hamstring just tightened up and I was just trying to be smart about the whole thing,” Coe said. “I wasn’t sure how much I could open up, and as much as they was throwing deep I didn’t want to be out there, hurt my team, so I just wanted to be smart.”

The Giants have just four days before they need to be ready to play a Thursday night game in Carolina.

“I’ll be able to do some things and rest; usually the next day tells whether it’s going to be good or bad,” Coe said.