NFL won't issue discipline over final play

The NFL has no plans to impose any discipline for what took place on the final play between the New York Giants and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

The Giants were attempting to kneel down to end their 41-34 win when the Buccaneers tried to charge through the line. The Giants' offensive line was knocked backward into Eli Manning, who was knocked down. Tom Coughlin was irate and let Tampa head coach Greg Schiano hear it at the postgame handshake.

Coughlin was worried someone could have been injured. In his Monday morning conference call with reporters, Coughlin said he did not know yet if anyone was hurt on that play, with players coming in for treatment late in the morning.

The NFL, though, saw enough and decided that no punishment was needed.

"There is nothing further on the incident at the end of the game," an NFL spokesperson said. "There were no violations on the play or afterwards that would require follow up from our office."

Coughlin stands by his belief that teams should never do what Tampa did at the end of the game.

"It’s up to the NFL," he said when told there was no discipline. "I said what I said and I believe it to be accurate with regard to the number of years I have been in this league. I have said my peace about it."