Sintim announces his retirement

Clint Sintim has announced his retirement.

The linebacker, who was drafted in the second round in 2009, wrote on his Facebook page that he is retiring.

Clint Sintim

Clint Sintim

#52 LB
New York Giants

Sintim hasn't played since tearing his right ACL and patellar tendon in the preseason finale in 2011. He worked extremely hard to return from a torn right ACL suffered less than nine months earlier in 2010.

Sintim wrote on Facebook: I never actually announced it but I am officially retired from the game of football. I want to thank everyone who supported me throughout my movement but it was honestly time for me to walk away from the game. Ambition should not be limited to a sport and in my case it is not. "Continue to chase your dreams with the awareness of obstacles....You may not always be able to dictate your path.....but your response to change is always mental!!"---------------->@ClintSintim52

Sintim finishes his career with 33 tackles and one sack.

Let us know what you thought about Sintim and what your hopes had been for him when the Giants drafted him in the second round.