What they're saying: QB Ryan Nassib

We're taking a little closer look at each draft pick and what the Giants' brass is saying about the newcomers.

Fourth-round pick: QB Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

Here's our rapid reaction and what the Giants are saying about Nassib:

Marc Ross: When I look at quarterbacks, I don’t look at arm strength and all that. That stuff is secondary to me. I look at guys who are leaders and winners and raise the level of their team and when they’re on the field they have a presence about them and some moxie to them. Those are the attributes to me that stood out with him. I saw him play twice this year when USC played here and then up in the snow in the bowl game up in Yankee Stadium. Then at the Senior Bowl. This guy just has a presence about him around his team, and then at the Senior Bowl around guys he didn’t know. Those are the winning attributes for me that I look for in quarterbacks.

Tom Coughlin: [The Giants' quarterback position] is probably even more stable ... I like the kid. The kid was graded really basically right where we took him. He could have gone in the third round, I’m sure. We were worried about that. But he has got outstanding leadership qualities. And the way in which he directs and leads his team, the intangibles, he does have a strong arm. Those are the things that attract. He is a very, very intelligent young man. Of course, he went to a great school.

This is a great opportunity for Ryan because he is going to be in the classroom with Eli Manning. That is going to be a tremendous learning experience. There is no way you can put a value on that for him. Now on top of that, he is a really sharp kid. He will learn; he will grow. He will learn by watching Eli. And when he gets opportunities in camp he will take full advantage of that and we will go from there.

Jerry Reese: He’s got the arm strength. We like the accuracy about him. We like that 'it' factor on him. When I first watched him he reminded me of the quarterback at Cincinnati (Andy Dalton) that played at TCU. He reminded me of Dalton in some ways when I first saw him, but our scouts liked him. Our coaches like him. Our quarterbacks coach (Sean Ryan) likes him. Too much value, we pick the highest guy on the board. He’s the highest guy on the board, we picked him.

We have Eli in the prime of his career and you actually hope this quarterback never plays. Again, what if something happens? We want to have a guy ready to go and this guy fits the pattern that we need.

Analysis: Were there positions that the Giants have a greater need at that weren't addressed in the draft? Yes. Cornerback and linebacker are positions that still can use help at. And while it remains to be seen how good Nassib is, the Giants addressed an area that they have long ignored. No disrespect to David Carr, who is a true professional, but the Giants need a Plan B of the future if Manning were to ever get hurt. The good thing is Manning never misses a game. And the hope is he will never have to. But Nassib gives the Giants a young quarterback to groom for the future and one that can potentially keep the team moving steadily forward in case of emergency. And if Nassib never plays and Manning is still going strong three years from now or so, the Giants can always look into possibly dealing Nassib. If Reese and his brain trust believed that Nassib was good enough to do something they rarely do -- trade up and take a quarterback no less -- then you got to believe the kid has potential.

So, tell us what you guys think of Nassib and are you still upset the Giants passed on a linebacker or cornerback there in the fourth round.