Mailbag: Murphy stands out so far

There were a lot of questions in last week's chat.

Here are some of the leftovers:

Rick (FL): Do you see the Ryan Nassib situation being like an Aaron Rodgers type scenario?

A: A little bit, yes. If the Giants have their way, Nassib won’t play at all. But Rodgers was a first-round pick. Nassib is a fourth rounder so the pressure to eventually play Nassib won’t be as great as it was with the Packers and Rodgers. But if it turns out to be a similar situation, the Giants would probably gladly take that kind of dilemma. That would mean Nassib develops into a very good quarterback.

Featuring SFS (Jersey City): Are the Giants still considering Brandon Jacobs returning? He can be used as a goal line back.

A: Their goal-line back will probably be Andre Brown. And Jacobs tweeted last week that he is not interested in playing fullback at all. If the Giants were to bring Jacobs back, I don't see it happening until later this summer. And that would have to mean that the Giants weren't pleased with what they saw out of the running backs they have now.

David (CT): I know we have some pretty good WRs. Do you think our OL is good enough to block if we use more 4 and 5 WR sets? I think we can create some great mismatches if we are able to spread defenses out. What do you think?

A: I think that the Giants don’t like to look predictable and obviously if you throw four and five receiver sets out there, you know they are going to pass. The Giants like to have the threat of the run, they want to be a balanced offense. But in the case of when they have to throw, I think they would want a tight end like Brandon Myers out there as opposed to throwing five wide receivers. I do think the offensive line could hold its own but I don’t think you would want to put them in a situation where you are constantly throwing with four to five-wide out there. And on top of that, a running back will have to be able to protect Eli Manning as well.

Sam (NY): Who will we see returning kickoffs and punts this year? Will David Wilson's increased rushing load prevent him from returning kickoffs?

A: Special teams coordinator Tom Quinn says Wilson could still do the job even with his added workload at running back. But this offseason, the Giants have taken a look at adding a dynamic returner like Josh Cribbs so that could be an indication that they rather not risk Wilson there. I think they will take a look at other guys like Jerrel Jernigan to see if he can provide a spark on kickoff returns. On punt returns, I think they will go with Aaron Ross, Rueben Randle or Jernigan.

Kevin (NYC): Any impressions on WRs, particularly Randle?

A: It’s a little early and we don’t get to see a whole lot in these practices. But Louis Murphy has stood out a bit so far and the Giants gave him plenty of deep routes in the previous OTA we watched. Haven’t seen a lot yet from Randle but I wouldn’t read into that either way. Tom Coughlin said to ask him about Randle after five to six practices.

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