Big Blue Morning: Talk, talk, talk, talk ...

Your daily morning check-in on news and notes about and of interest to the New York Giants

The news of the day: I have written this before and will write it again, but especially considering they once claimed their mantra to be "Talk is cheap, play the game," there is no team that talks more than the New York Giants talk. The latest is Antrel Rolle's paid Tuesday radio appearance, in which he said this week that not everyone in the locker room believes the Giants can win. This one day after Rolle said he believed they could go 12-0 the rest of the way. I'm sure he'll have something interesting, if not useful, to say today. Obviously, there are people in the Giants' locker room who don't believe they can win. The Giants are 9-11 since the start of last season and 3-9 in their last 12 games. If you weren't on the 2011 team, what first-hand evidence do you have that your Giants team is any good? Personally, if I were a Giants fan, I'd be more interested to hear what Rolle's plan is for how to fix the thing than listening to him moan about how not everyone in the room was on the team two years ago. The front office is still tinkering, signing center/guard Dallas Reynolds because of their injuries at center and guard and releasing running back Da'Rel Scott because what's it matter whether you have one, two, three or four running backs when you can't block for any of them anyway?

Behind enemy lines: The single best thing the Giants have going for them this week is that their opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles, have all kinds of problems as well. The Eagles have allowed the most yards of any team and the second-most points (behind only your New York Football Giants) and are easily the worst team the Giants will have faced this season. The problem lies in perspective, however. The lesser teams on the Giants' upcoming schedule have the right to view the Giants game as their chance to get a win as well. Phil Sheridan points out that the Eagles, who came in at No. 27 in our latest Power Rankings, face teams ranked lower than they are in three of their next four games, including Sunday's.

Around the division: The biggest thing that's held the Cowboys back in recent years has been offensive line play, and it was one of their big questions coming into this season as well. But the line has exceeded expectations in Dallas, and it's the kind of thing that makes me believe they're still the team that ends up taking control of the NFC East and running away from the rest of the division's sad mediocrity before it's all said and done.

Around the league: Pro Football Focus ranks its top five pass-rushing teams in the NFL so far this year. The Kansas City Chiefs, who just whipped the Giants 31-7, are tops on the list. The Seahawks and the Lions, who are on the Giants' December schedule, rank second and third, so at least the Giants have a couple of months to get their act together before they see them. The Giants and their league-low four sacks are, of course, not on this list. And as much as you're hearing about how well the defense is playing and the offense is letting them down ... four sacks. Four. Including the gift the scorer gave Spencer Paysinger on his tackle of Alex Smith at the line of scrimmage Sunday. If the Giants' pass rush isn't coming back, nothing's getting better.