Schefter: Wilson wants to play despite risk

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Running back David Wilson will of course not play for the New York Giants Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. Wilson was placed on season-ending injured reserve last week with a neck injury, meaning the remaining questions about him are about next year and beyond. To that end, our man Adam Schefter reports the following on Twitter:

Which is interesting and a bit alarming. The people to whom I spoke about Wilson last week indicated optimism with regard to his avoiding surgery and returning at full strength next season. But none of those people were doctors, so certainly their medical opinions must be taken with the appropriate grains of salt, especially in light of Adam's report.

The Giants have described Wilson's injury as a herniated disk, and recently said tests had shown significant improvement. But some weeks ago, Wilson said he was dealing with spinal stenosis, a serious condition that could potentially be career-ending due to the health risk it brings into the picture. Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin played his entire career with that condition, and Steelers rookie Jarvis Jones was diagnosed with it before he was drafted this year. But others, such as Peyton and Eli Manning's brother, Cooper Manning, have given up football due to the condition. If stenosis is what Wilson is dealing with (remember, he's not a doctor either), then he could have a serious and important life decision to make as he ponders whether to try to come back in 2014.