Vanquished Giants still yapping

I mean, I guess you have to admire the New York Giants for staying true to themselves. They claim to live by the Tom Coughlin mantra, "Talk is cheap, play the game," but there's not a team in the league that talks more than the Giants do. They yapped and yapped all last week about how they were going to beat the Dallas Cowboys. Jason Pierre-Paul said blood would be spilled. Terrell Thomas guaranteed victory. It was fairly shocking, especially to the Cowboys.

"I've never heard a team that was 4-6 talk like that," Dallas cornerback Orlando Scandrick said.

So as you've heard by now, the Cowboys won the game. And after it was over, as you'll see in that link up there, Jason Hatcher had some fun with the blood thing. The Giants were more or less humble in defeat, with Thomas saying the better team won and most of the players lamenting missed opportunities and a season slipping away.

But then, this morning, this from Giants defensive end Justin Tuck on Twitter. A photo of Tuck's two Super Bowl rings directed at Cowboys fans who've apparently been after him on his timeline. (And no, I don't think it's any coincidence that the display "finger" in the middle is bare.)

Look. I know how badly I get it on Twitter. I cannot imagine how rough it is for NFL players when fans decide to use the medium to abuse and insult. I'm confident that the Cowboys fans who have been hounding Tuck on Twitter have been completely unbearable. And I'm certainly not always above reacting on there when provoked, though I wish I were.

But Justin. Dude. You lost. Your team talked big all week and then didn't back it up. You kind of have to just eat that, right? I'm not saying life as a high-profile athlete in front of an overly sports-crazed world is easy. It's not. Especially when you lose. But showing off your Super Bowl rings and flipping off a fan base? Seems a little out of place here. Nothing wrong with a little quiet dignity in defeat, right?

It also bears mentioning that this isn't the Super Bowl-deprived Eagles fan base he's taunting. The Cowboys have won more Super Bowls than the Giants have. Sure, the current Cowboys have fallen victim to the Giants' two most recent Super Bowl runs, but taunting this particular fan base with talk of titles won is kind of like waving your checkbook at Bill Gates. No matter how rich you are, he's not impressed.

Anyway, I get that the Giants are hurting, and I don't blame them. I'm just amazed at how, regardless of circumstances, they always seem so chirpy. It's who they are, and I guess it tends to work out for them. But on a day like this, Tuck's rebuttal feels out of place.