JPP still hoping to make it back

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Although there seems to be little reason for Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder) to play again this season, Pierre-Paul is hoping he can return Sunday against Detroit.

"I'm trying to get back and help my teammates. If I can't, I can't. It's football, you know? Don't want to shut it down, man," Pierre-Paul said.

"Even though our season [is] nothing to play for or whatever, at the end of the day, you got brothers on the team you want to help out."

Pierre-Paul has missed the past three games with his shoulder injury. He has battled injuries most of the season following offseason back surgery that forced him to miss most of training camp. Just as he felt he was getting back to normal, the shoulder injury occurred against Oakland on Nov. 10, eventually sidelining him.

With the Giants officially eliminated from playoff contention, the safe move would be to sit him in order to prevent further damage. Pierre-Paul, however, doesn't want to shut it down.

"It's easy for me to sit out and just call it a season, but I've been fighting injuries since I came back. I'm not a quitter. Football is something I love to do and I have a passion to win," Pierre-Paul said. "It's frustrating but at the end of the day you think about it and it is what it is but I'm doing my best to try to get out there and be with my teammates and help them win a game."

Pierre-Paul believes he's doing well in his rehab, as he said he has full range of motion in his shoulder, but he's not ready for game action just yet. He did not practice Wednesday.

"Is my strength there? No. I can't go out there and defend myself. If I can't go do that, there's no reason for me to be playing," Pierre-Paul said. "I play defense. I hit guys, I deliver the blows. If I can't do that, I'm not going to put myself in a predicament to go out there -- and then I got my teammates looking at me crazy. If you're not well enough to play, then you should be on the sideline. I won't do that to my teammates. If I'm not well enough to play or I can't defend myself, I'm not going to go out there."

While Pierre-Paul reiterated Wednesday that surgery has been ruled out at the moment, he added it could be an option. He believes he won't need surgery unless he calls for it, and wants to stick with rehab.

"I'm trying to stay the best way away from the knife," Pierre-Paul said. "I think I'm doing pretty good in my rehab and getting better from when I injured it."

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported last week Pierre-Paul was advised by doctors to not play again this season due to his injury, and he would "likely" follow the medical staff's advice. Pierre-Paul said he wasn't aware of that, but became cryptic when asked follow-up questions.

"I don't know," Pierre-Paul said. "Whatever they discussed with the trainers is what they discussed with the trainers."