Big Blue Morning: There's snow everywhere

Taking a break from shoveling and thinking it probably doesn't look like this right now in New Orleans or Miami or any of those places where they're supposed to have the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is scheduled for 11 days from now in East Rutherford, N.J., and as Jane McManus writes, if the weather that day is like the weather was Tuesday, the NFL would be having discussions about postponing the game.

An admittedly bitter Justin Tuck joked about that late in the season, saying that since the Giants couldn't make it to the Super Bowl this year, his hope was that it would snow every day in February and they would end up never playing the game. Tuck's a funny guy, and those of us who cover the team would miss him if he were gone. He's a free agent, and I wrote this Tuesday about what it might take to bring him back.

Victor Cruz says he's excited about what new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo might bring if it means scoring points the way the Packers do.

And the Buccaneers hired Cardinals VP of Player Personnel Jason Licht as their new GM, which means they won't be hiring Marc Ross, who runs the Giants' scouting department and was a candidate for that GM job in Tampa.