Kiper re-grades the '13 draft -- Giants

Our man Mel Kiper Jr. is revisiting his grades from immediately after the 2013 draft and revising them according to the way the players and the teams played. Interesting exercise, and worthy of your Insider subscription, I'd say.

Mel gave the New York Giants a C+ right after the draft and has revised that down to a C. He wrote at the time that he wasn't surprised, given their history, that the Giants didn't take a linebacker in the first round, but that he was surprised they didn't take one in any round. Mel's most recent 2014 mock had the Giants taking Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley at No. 12 overall, so it's clear that linebacker-as-significant-need for the Giants bothers Mel quite a bit. But while the fact that they needed to trade for Jon Beason a month into the season may back up the idea that they should have drafted one, the fact that they got Beason for a 2014 seventh-rounder backs up the team's opinion that they don't need to spend major resources to address the position.

As for the 2013 Giants draft in review, I think we've gone over the pertinent aspects more than once. First-rounder Justin Pugh looks like a long-term keeper on the offensive line. Second-rounder Johnathan Hankins looks like a starter-caliber player on the defensive line. And if third-rounder Damontre Moore turns into an impact player, this ends up looking like a very good draft. Heck, if fourth-rounder Ryan Nassib turns out to be worth anything, it looks like a fantastic one.

But it's those middle rounds where the Giants' recent drafts haven't held up, so time will tell whether this is another disappointing one or whether it helped them build back the roster depth that has begun to elude them.