Myers, Webster contracts void as expected

As Paul Schwartz pointed out over the weekend, the remaining years on the New York Giants' contracts of cornerback Corey Webster and tight end Brandon Myers were automatically voided Friday. This came as no surprise, as the contracts were structured that way to allow the Giants to escape them unless either turned out to be a steal.

Webster barely played in 2013, and Myers was unproductive for most of the season, so we and others have been counting these two among the Giants' free agents all along. Any salary cap projections you've seen have likely taken these two into account already, so the answer to the inevitable question about how much cap room these moves create is basically none. The Giants still project to have about $12 million to $13 million in cap room, though that number would go up to over $20 million if they were to release veteran offensive linemen Chris Snee and David Baas, as they likely will.

I think Webster's Giants days are done. He didn't seem interested in getting on the field this year, and while his contributions to two Super Bowl titles likely prevent the team from saying or feeling anything too negative about him, it's time to move on.

Myers is a more interesting case. The Giants saw something they liked in him a year ago, when he was coming off a 79-catch season with the Raiders. He didn't play well in 2013, but almost no one on the offense did, and if the Giants improve the play of the offensive line and the wide receivers, it's possible Myers could succeed playing in Ben McAdoo's west coast-style offense with Eli Manning throwing him the ball. The Giants need to find an answer at tight end, and while it's worth their time to explore other options in the draft and free agency, it's not completely out of the question to think they might end up deciding Myers is their best bet if he comes cheap enough.