Big Blue Morning: Catching up

Back from a much-needed week's vacation (I can recommend the Disney cruise, and not just because I'm a company man), I see there are plenty of New York Giants items on which to catch up. I shall endeavor to do so over the next day or so, but here are some quick-hitters on some of the news items that took place while I was away:

Head coach Tom Coughlin agrees to a one-year contract extension through 2015. A formality. The Giants have never let a head coach enter the final year of his contract without extending him, and once they announced Coughlin was back for 2014, this was certain to happen. New offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo got a two-year deal. Wouldn't have made sense for his deal to run longer than the head coach's deal.

Hakeem Nicks changes agents, goes with Jay-Z. See ya, Hakeem. Nobody's signing with Roc Nation because they want to say put and take team-friendly deals with the teams that drafted them. See "Cano, Robinson."

Chris Snee wants to play. Interesting. I was guessing Snee might retire after having had both hips surgically repaired, but it's good news that he feels good enough to give it a go. If he can be ready in time for the start of the 2014 season, as Coughlin said he believed he would, Snee would fill one of the three projected holes on the interior of the offensive line. But when will they know whether they can count on him as a starter? Do they need a credible backup plan in case Snee can't answer the bell at 32? And what about his contract? They can't carry him at his currently scheduled $11.3 million cap number, and they can't extend him. Will he accept a cut down to or close to the veteran minimum? And if not, do they need to cut him and re-sign him? Complicated issue.

David Wilson's rehab is going well. I had heard and written this before I left. But while it's encouraging for the Giants that Wilson looks as though he'll be ready to play in 2014, they're still likely to find a running back or two on the market. Wilson has yet to establish himself as someone on whom the Giants can count.

Eli Manning may not get a contract extension this offseason after all. This according to my friends at The Star-Ledger, who write that the Giants don't need to address Manning's contract situation this offseason and likely won't. With the salary cap looking set to rise to $130 million or more for this year, the Giants don't have to extend Manning for cap relief now. But while I'm not surprised Manning isn't interested in negotiating an extension off the year he just had, I still think it's shortsighted of the Giants not to try.

Again, more on all of this and more as the week rolls on.