More fodder for Giants' LB approach

So the Cleveland Browns released linebacker D'Qwell Jackson on Wednesday. Strangely, as The Record's Art Stapleton mentioned, this did not result in the usual barrage of tweets from Giants fans asking whether one team's just-released veteran would make sense for the Giants. What makes the silence particularly odd is that this is a player who does make sense for the Giants -- a productive, high-energy leader type for the defense at a position where they don't tend to invest much. A little bit like Jon Beason, the veteran they acquired from Carolina for a seventh-round pick at the end of September this past year.

But the more you think about it, the release of Jackson and the fact that Beason only cost a seventh-round pick kind of support the Giants' approach to linebackers. The market simply doesn't assign a very high value to the position right now. So while fans may be clamoring for the re-signing of Beason in light of the positive impact he had on the 2013 defense, the Giants will wisely stick to whatever price they've set for him, which is probably fairly low. And if he gets more from someone else ... well, hey, look! D'Qwell Jackson just came on the market. Same kind of player.

Point is, while I agree with the sentiment that the Giants have neglected linebacker to too extreme an extent, there are obvious market factors that support their belief that their significant resources should be spent on other positions. This latest news is such a factor.