Giants bring back Hynoski for some reason

Relentlessly determined to do nothing exciting whatsoever in the early days of free agency, the New York Giants on Thursday agreed to a one-year, $1 million contract with fullback Henry Hynoski.

Yeah, that's right. The Giants, who do not currently have a No. 1 wide receiver, a tight end or a starting center but do have a fullback, brought back Hynoski after he went to Detroit to visit with the Lions. Your guess is as good as mine what the heck the Giants are up to right now.

This is nothing against Hynoski, who's an excellent blocking fullback and, if fully recovered from his shoulder injury, should compete with John Conner for the fullback spot in training camp.

And it's really nothing against the move, which surely costs nothing, since I'm sure Hynoski could be cut without costing them much more than meal money if Conner beats him out.

I'm just kind of at a loss to explain why a team with so many needs seems to be doing so little to address them, while letting key pieces like Linval Joseph and Justin Tuck walk out the door.

The Giants' offseason plan seems to be based on the idea of getting younger (though letting the 25-year-old Joseph walk kind of kicks against that a bit) and building for the long term. And they have tried and failed to sign a number of players, including Tracy Porter, Jacoby Jones, Ted Ginn Jr. and others. But the way the Giants have operated these first three days is perplexing, and a Hynoski post felt like a decent spot to make that point. Carry on.