Big Blue Morning: Football and other drugs

Couple of things today:

Cornerback Prince Amukamara thinks the idea the Giants would be willing to extend his contract based on what he's done so far is funny, per The Star-Ledger. Says he doesn't think he's given the Giants "a return on their investment yet," but believes he will have a big enough year to convince them to invest long-term. The Giants recently picked up Amukamara's fifth-year contract option for 2015, their prerogative because he was a 2011 first-round pick, but that money's not guaranteed against anything but injury, and the Giants could conceivably cut ties with Amukamara after this season. Big year for him.

Former Giants safety Tyler Sash was arrested and tazed following a drunken scooter chase with police in Iowa. I have no comment on this. Just thought you might find it interesting, funny, sad... something.

The Giants announced the signing of four more undrafted free agents:

On league-wide news, I wrote this story Tuesday about looming changes to the league's drug policy that will ease restrictions on and punishment for marijuana use. I also wrote this column on why the league should be even more proactive on marijuana and see it as a solution to one of its biggest problems, as opposed to a problem in and of itself.

Oh, and I'll be on TV the next three days -- SportsCenter in the morning, NFL Insiders at 3:30 pm ET on ESPN each of the next three days. Tune in and enjoy!