Big Blue Morning: Some Ryan Nassib stuff

Because I know you guys need your Ryan Nassib fix, and because Nassib was one of the players the New York Giants brought out to talk to the media Tuesday, I thought we'd take a look this morning at what Eli Manning's presumptive backup had to say about his situation.

The Giants drafted Nassib in the fourth round in 2013 and, as planned, made his rookie season a redshirt one, leaving him inactive for all 16 games while Curtis Painter served as Manning's backup. Now, though, the Giants would like Nassib to progress this offseason and fight off Painter and newly signed Josh Freeman for the No. 2 quarterback spot.

"That's the goal right now, to secure that backup spot," Nassib said Tuesday. "We have a great competition going on in our room. We have so many great guys in there. We're all learning. We're all grinding right now, helping each other."

Nassib will get his reps this spring. Manning is recovering from ankle surgery and Painter is recovering from knee surgery. Manning has been on the field a bit doing some throwing, but mainly the quarterback reps right now are going to Nassib and Freeman. And the change in offensive coordinator from Kevin Gilbride to Ben McAdoo could work in Nassib's favor, since McAdoo's offense is similar to the West Coast style offense Nassib ran at Syracuse.

"There's some carryover from college to Coach McAdoo's system," Nassib said. "It's something I've done in the past and kind of got away from last year. Now that we're back in, the lessons I've learned in the past are kind of becoming relevant again. It's been nice to have that background now when I'm trying to learn something new. Getting the ball out quick, having a good running game and playing fast, which is something I think I do pretty well and that I fit pretty well into."

The Giants obviously aren't designing an offense around Nassib, since their hope is that he doesn't play a single snap for them this season. Manning hasn't missed a game since his rookie season in 2004, and the Giants expect him to remain their durable, reliable starter. But the extent to which Nassib can develop in a backup role could be helped by his relative fit and familiarity in the new system.

If Nassib does not win the backup job, the Giants will have to decide whether to keep three quarterbacks again and continue Nassib's development, or whether to cut the cord and move on. But that decision is a long way down the road.