Insiders grade the Giants' offseason

Our always-extensive Insider group has handed out offseason grades for all NFL teamsInsider, and Mike Sando, Bill Polian, Lou Riddick, Field Yates and Matt Williamson have given the New York Giants' offseason a "B." Nine teams received better grades. It's Insider, but here is a snippet of explanation:

"They have gone outside what their normal operating procedures are and that is usually a sign they are understanding what they are up against, and it's an important year," Riddick said. "They hit the areas they needed to hit as far as trying to improve this team. I give them credit for that. They did take on character risks. Signing John Jerry is shocking to me. On defense, DRC is not a character concern, but his playing personality and his profile is not what you typically associate with the Giants, although his coverage skills are elite when he is on."

I think this is a running theme with evaluation of the Giants' monumentally busy offseason. The sheer volume of the changes necessarily leads to question marks. And because there are so many, it's impossible to believe they will all come with good answers. I agree with the notion that a lot of the responsibility for making this all work falls on head coach Tom Coughlin. And if you read me regularly, you know my opinion is that there are few better than Coughlin for this or any other puzzle-solving coaching project. But it's still a big, big project that pervades almost every area of the roster. Even if you like what the Giants did this offseason -- the choices they made, the replacements they found at key positions -- it's perfectly fair to wonder how well they can expect it all to work once the games begin.