Power Rankings: Giants open at No. 20

Consistent with what we discussed earlier in our post about preseason predictions, the New York Giants come in at an uninspiring No. 20 among the 32 NFL teams in ESPN's final preseason Power Rankings.

I don't think it's a bad ranking, and you could make the case that it's a bit of a generous one. The three teams immediately behind them -- the Jets, Dolphins and Cowboys -- all had better records in 2013, and I don't see how it's cut and dried that the Giants' roster is better than those rosters on paper. Not saying it's definitely worse, but I think this is fair company for the Giants to be keeping in a 2014 preseason Power Rankings poll, is all.

The Giants can take some encouragement from the fact that they rank second among NFC East teams in our poll. The Eagles are the top NFC East team, with a ranking of No. 7. The Cowboys come in at No. 23 and Washington sits at No. 25. Eagles seem a bit high for my taste, but I agree that they are the one NFC East team that appears capable of making the leap into the top echelon of NFC East powers this year, if any NFC East team is.

Anyway, as you know, these change -- a lot -- during the season and they'll likely look a lot different just one week from now, after everyone's played a game. For my money, the exciting part of all of this ranking/predicting stuff we're doing today is knowing the season is close enough to justify it all.