Antrel's numbers don't add up to Rex

A battle of logic has broken out before a football game.

On Tuesday, Giants safety Antrel Rolle said on his weekly spot on WFAN that the Giants would win 99 out of 100 games against the Redskins. He upped the total from September, when he said following a Giants loss to Washington that they would win 95 times out of 100.

On Wednesday, Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman responded and not surprisingly found some flaws in Rolle's proclamation.

"It is the NFL and nobody is going to beat anyone 99 out of 100 times," Grossman said on a conference call. "I am confident about where we are. We haven’t finished games lately and we need to finish and everything should take care of itself. I understand that there is a lot of pride in the NFL and a lot of people go about their business with a lot of pride and ego and we do the same thing."

Grossman will get his chance to prove Rolle wrong on Sunday as he and the Redskins will go for the season sweep of the Giants when the two teams meet at 1 p.m. Grossman threw for 305 yards and two touchdowns in a 28-14 Washington win.

"I don't care about playing the role of spoilers," Grossman said. "I play this game to win. You put so much energy and effort into each week that winning the game and feeling good after the game each Sunday and being proud of what you accomplished, that is plenty of motivation. You are playing for pride and going out there and trying to win and that's really all the motivation you need as far as I'm concerned. If we are spoilers in the process, it doesn't give you any gratification. It is good to go win.'

In what has been an up and down season for Grossman, who even lost his starting job during the middle of the year, one his brightest spots came against the Giants. Grossman completed 21-of-34 passes (just one of four times this season he completed more than 60 percent of his passes) and posted a 110.5 quarterback rating, his highest of the season.

This time around, the Redskins bring a much different offense into town on Sunday as they try to make Rolle eat his words. Roy Helu is now the starting running back, instead of Tim Hightower, who was placed on IR, and the team is without the services of tight end Fred Davis, who is suspended. Davis torched the Giants for a season-high 105 yards on five catches in the first meeting. The offensive line has also been saddled with injuries.

That doesn't mean the Redskins are going to go down with a fight, though.

"We just need to continue to establish our identity and what this offense, defense and special teams are trying to become," Grossman said of his team's up-and-down season. "We have played well but playing well in the NFL is only going to allow you to be competitive. We need to finish games and it at all possible to dominate some games to get where we need to be."