Offseason smack talk: Eagles jab Giants on Twitter

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of MetLife Stadium, the New York Giants are asking fans to select the best play in the stadium's young history. You can check it out and vote here. It's set up like a March Madness bracket. It's cute, and there are some good choices, from Odell Beckham's one-handed touchdown catch to Victor Cruz's 99-yard catch-and-run Christmas Eve 2011 touchdown against the Jets (a play that's not likely to show up on the Jets' version of this same exercise).

Anyway, the Philadelphia Eagles' official Twitter account decided to have a little fun with this:

That link directs you to a replay of the play that actually is the most amazing in MetLife Stadium history -- DeSean Jackson's game-winning punt return touchdown against the Giants at the tail end of Philadelphia's Dec. 19, 2010, comeback victory. Of course, that play also stands among the most heartbreaking plays in recent Giants memory, so it's no surprise the Giants didn't see fit to include it in their bracket.

Some Giants fans have responded to the post with the usual cracks about the fact the Eagles have never won the Super Bowl, but as of this writing the Giants' official Twitter account had yet to fire back. It's a slow March day, so we kind of hope they do.