Big Blue Morning: The end for Hixon

There was always hope for Domenik Hixon, and a feeling that if he could just stay healthy he might make a valuable NFL wide receiver. The New York Giants always liked him as a good guy, a good special teams player and a receiver with promise. He caught 43 passes for 596 yards and two touchdowns during a 2008 season most of which the Giants spent as the best team in the NFL. And he owns two Giants Super Bowl rings, though he didn't catch a pass in Super Bowl XLII and he was on injured reserve for Super Bowl XLVI.

Hixon had problems with his right knee -- namely, he couldn't keep its ACL intact. He tore it in 2010 and 2011 and he has torn it again while prepping to play this season for the Chicago Bears. Hixon indicated in announcing his latest injury that he likely would retire.

Former Giant Terrell Thomas and current Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis are thought to be the only players to recover from three ACL surgeries and continue playing in the NFL. It's a tough road, and Hixon is 29 years old and likely uninterested in walking it. The occasion of his disappointing announcement likely strikes a chord with Giants fans who enjoyed what he gave to the team, even as they and he always wished his body would have let him give more.