Giants sign six players

The New York Giants signed six players to the roster over the weekend.

Joining new linebacker Aaron Curry will be defensive tackle Frank Okam, tight end Michael Palmer, wide receiver Jeremy Horne, cornerback Junior Mertile and safety John Stevenson.

The Giants waived tackle Levy Adcock, wide receiver Marcus Davis, defensive back Buddy Jackson, linebacker Charleus Dieseul, defensive tackle Bobby Skinner and kicker Jake Rogers to make room.

Okam, who was a fifth-round pick in 2008 by Houston, played for the Texans (2008-10) and Buccaneers (2010-11). Palmer played the previous three seasons for Atlanta and has 21 catches for 123 yards and three touchdowns.

Horne, 26, was teammates with Victor Cruz at UMass and the 6-2 receiver stood out at rookie camp. So did Mertile and Stevenson. Mertile is a 6-1 rookie tryout from Florida International. Stevenson, who had an interception off Ryan Nassib in practice on Friday, is a 5-11 rookie safety from Georgia Southern.