Eli understands what Harbaughs will feel

Eli Manning has never faced Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl.

But he certainly knows what it is like to go up against his brother in a game. He has faced Peyton in two regular-season games and lost both times.

So as Baltimore's John Harbaugh prepares to coach against his brother, San Francisco's Jim Harbaugh, in the Super Bowl, Eli can empathize with what the brothers might experience on Super Sunday.

"For me, it was just always, 'Hey, I am going against the Colts defense,' or next year I will be going against the Denver defense," Manning said on ESPN while in Hawaii, practicing for the Pro Bowl. "I am worried about that and I am worried about going out there and trying to play my best."

Both Manning brothers are in Hawaii to play in the Pro Bowl, and their teams will play against each other next season when the Giants and Broncos meet. Eli Manning says he allows himself a brief moment to soak in the fact that he's playing against his brother when the two are on the field together.

"I might take a moment before the game as the national anthem is going on," Manning said. "And you kind of look over and see your big brother on the other sideline, a pretty neat experience. After the game, give him a hug. But beside that, once the game has started, you are totally focused on doing your job."