Big Blue Morning: Let Vic make the pick?

NFL players don't generally like it when their teams draft players who play their positions. But New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is extremely secure in himself, and he'd like the Giants to take a wide receiver with the No. 12 pick in next month's draft. In an interview with the NFL Network on Thursday, he even named Texas A&M's Mike Evans as a candidate:

"If I had my choice, if I had my pick, I think we should go receiver," Cruz said on NFL Total Access. "I think we definitely need some help, especially losing a guy like Hakeem Nicks, such a big-play guy in our offense.

"I think that's something we need back in this offense to be successful. An outside guy that can do the job and that can help fuel all the other receivers in the locker room and put some fire up under them to get them where they have to be."

Cruz is best in the slot, though he has said he'd like to play more outside if the Giants want him to. With Nicks gone, the top candidates to take over on the outside are Rueben Randle, who remains unproven, and Mario Manningham, who comes with question marks injury-related and otherwise. So Evans would make sense for the Giants at No. 12. I agree with Cruz. I just don't think Evans is still going to be there for them to pick at No. 12.