Giants drop to No. 26 in Power Rankings

A fifth straight loss has dropped the New York Giants to No. 26 in the latest ESPN Power Rankings. That's the lowest they've been since Week 4, though not the lowest they've been all year. When they were 0-2 in Week 3, they ranked No. 30.

There is still time for them to get back down there if they want, but the upcoming schedule would seem to work against that possibility. The Giants played close games the last two weeks against the No. 11 Seahawks and the No. 10 49ers, so it's not as though they're not in their games or they're incapable of beating anyone. They're only a game worse than the No. 21 Falcons, a team they beat head-to-head in Week 5. Their comparative ranking is due to the fact that the Giants have not won since that day.

The No. 6 Cowboys, who beat the Giants in Week 7, come to town this week, then after that comes a run of games against No. 31 Jacksonville, No. 27 Tennessee, No. 30 Washington and No. 22 St. Louis. Barring a total collapse that doesn't appear to be coming and would be uncharacteristic of a Tom Coughlin-coached team, the Giants should be able to keep their noses above that 30-line the rest of the way.