Justin Tuck: Tom Coughlin couldn't coach Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks

Former New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, who now plays for the Raiders, was a guest on "Mike & Mike" on ESPN Radio this morning, and he discussed a number of topics involving the upcoming Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl. One of the first questions the guys asked Tuck was about Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch, who is creating a stir this week with his one-sentence protests of the group media availabilities.

The lead-in point was about Seattle coach Pete Carroll embracing the individuality of Lynch and many of his teammates, and Mike & Mike asked Tuck whether Giants coach Tom Coughlin as coach of this current Seahawks team would work.

"No. I don't think so," Tuck said after a pause. "I think Coach Coughlin is a little bit more to the line. Him and Marshawn wouldn't get along very well, because [Coughlin's] not about individuality in that case, when it brings attention to a certain player and not to the team.

"Now, I agree with you. I think Pete is perfect for Seattle and the athletes and the guys they have on that football team, and it's worked well for them, obviously. Those personalities feed that team. I don't think it would have worked well for us and how the New York Giants were built, from top to bottom, from Mr. Mara down. I don't think that would have worked well."

Tuck wasn't criticizing Coughlin -- just analyzing his style versus what the Seahawks and Carroll have built in Seattle. There are many ways to skin the coaching cat, and obviously Coughlin and Carroll have had great success doing it their way. Tuck goes on to discuss Coughlin's style and the ways in which he used to stress to his star players that they had to be focused on the team first.

Tuck also talks, later in the interview, about Sunday's game. As a member of a Giants' defense that beat Tom Brady's Patriots in the Super Bowl twice -- including the year New England came into the game 18-0 -- Tuck believes the Seahawks need to repeat the Giants' defensive formula from those games.

"The way you beat Brady is to pressure him with the front four," Tuck said. "Seattle's front four has to dominate the football game. I know the 'Legion of Boom' is getting all the pub, and rightfully so. But the game is going to be won up front, like it always is."

Spoken like a true defensive lineman.