Tebow ready to win over teammates

Tim Tebow was asked some tough questions, including one about how he will deal with unnamed teammates who reportedly are miffed about all the hoopla surrounding a backup quarterback and how they may consider him more as a gimmick.

"It really doesn't bother me at all," Tebow said when asked about the reports. "It is my job to come in here and try to earn guys' respect. I want them to respect me by me coming here and working hard and proving myself in the weight room, in sprints, on the practice field."

Listen to the complete news conference:

Play DownloadTebow reiterated that the news conference was not his choice and that he was simply doing what his bosses wanted him to do.

"I can't control this press conference," he said. "I have no say over that at all. I'm so honored to be here. It is such a blessing for me. I am excited about getting to know those teammates. I have been able to get to know quite a few of them already."

Tebow was also asked about Giants fans and how some of them may be having fun and mocking the Jets for making a move like this while the Giants are Super Bowl champs.

"I'll leave all that talk to other people," Tebow said. "I'm not qualified [to discuss that]. You have to congratulate the Giants on winning a Super Bowl and having a great game and I wish them nothing but the best as well."