Trufant brothers look forward to reunion

Isaiah Trufant and Marcus Trufant AP Photo

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- There could be a point Sunday when Isaiah Trufant scans the football field and sees in front of him the person he grew up admiring: his older brother, Seahawks corner Marcus Trufant.

For the first time in his professional career, Isaiah will be facing Marcus when the Jets visit Seattle on Sunday afternoon. Though both are defensive backs, the two could potentially be on the field at the same time for special teams.

"It's going to be a pretty cool feeling, always looking up to my big bro throughout the years growing up," Isaiah said Wednesday. "To be out there and finally the last few years make it to the NFL and do what I love to do and live my dreams and follow in his footsteps, that's a big thing for me. And to be able to play against him, that's a good thing."

Isaiah, 29, is the middle brother; Marcus, 31, is the oldest. They grew up in Tacoma, Wash., and all three brothers -- including Desmond, who plays for the University of Washington -- developed into cornerbacks.

Isaiah has appeared in 22 games with the Jets since the start of the 2010 season, as he played in the AFL before that. Marcus has been with Seattle since 2003.

"Growing up we all started off as running backs. As a kid, you play little league, and you want the ball in your hands," Isaiah said. "Come high school you end up usually playing both sides of the ball, and (we) started excelling at some things and catching coaches' attentions when it came time for college ball."

There hasn't been any trash talking between the brothers leading up to the game, and Isaiah said there has only been the normal texting that he does with his brother as they catch up every week. Isaiah isn't viewing this matchup as a brother vs. brother contest, instead focusing on the game's importance.

"That's always a good thing to see friends and family and go back home," Isaiah said. "It's a business trip first. Gotta go there and try to get the win. That's the first objective."

Desmond has a game in Seattle on Saturday night, as Washington plays Utah at CenturyLink Field, and there is a chance Isaiah will be able to watch his younger brother play. He said it's been a while since the brothers have all been able to be together.

"The family is excited. My mom and dad are very grateful to have two sons playing at this high level of football, at the professional level," Isaiah said. "My parents never gave up on me. They always had my back and helped me whether it was financially or anything to help me through in the lower leagues."