Testaverde: Make Tebow a running back

If Vinny Testaverde were the Jets' coach, he'd insert Tim Tebow into the starting lineup immediately.

As a running back.

"You have a guy on your roster -- Tim Tebow -- who can be your running game," the former Jets quarterback told ESPN's Lynn Hoppes. "Instead of giving him just 10-12 reps, give him a full load and wear down the defense. I don't know how all the pieces fit, but that's my opinion. A good running game leads to bigger and better things. It's hard to be successful when you have problems everywhere."

Testaverde, who lives in Tampa, follows his old team closely. Like other fans, he's disappointed with the 3-6 record.

"I wish I knew (what's wrong)," he said. "I'm obviously not in touch with them, and I'm not really close to anybody except as a fan. It's kind of disappointing. I know the Jets fans want to see them turn it around and win a few games."

Testaverde will be in New York next week to host an event in which a real turkey -- Jimmy Junior -- predicts the outcome of the three NFL games on Thanksgiving. One of those, of course, is Jets-Patriots. The turkey will eat from the barrel of the team he thinks will win each matchup, which means Jimmy Junior probably has just as good a chance of picking the winner as most amateur handicappers.

The good news is, the event's sponsor -- Wild Turkey -- will donate 81 turkeys to victims of Hurricane Sandy.