Jason Smith: Happy to be a Jet

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- If Jason Smith has any residual feelings about being dealt from the Rams earlier in the season in a package for Wayne Hunter, Smith isn’t talking about it.

The tackle, sometimes used as a jumbo tight end, was crisp and definitive when asked about the trade that brought him to New York.

“I’m a Jet, happy to be a Jet,” Smith said.

Asked what stands out from his time in St. Louis, Smith seemed to follow the rule, if you can’t say anything nice ...

“I know what shoes to wear on the turf,” Smith said. “I know that the ground’s real nice. Other than than I’m happy to be a Jet, be part of what’s going on here. I’m not concerned with any other football team.”

Smith was the No. 2 overall pick of the 2009 draft, a high spot for a Baylor product, at least until Robert Griffin III equaled the feat by going to Washington at No. 2 this year. Smith signed a six-year deal with St. Louis worth $33 million in guaranteed money. He played right tackle his rookie year until he sustained a concussion.

Smith never reached his potential in St. Louis, as evidenced by the pay cut the Rams asked him to take, followed by the trade to the Jets for scapegoat right tackle Hunter.

The Jets haven’t inserted him into the offensive line, despite the fact that current right tackle Austin Howard has struggled at times in his new role. But he is used as an eligible receiver several times a game generally.

And he’s happy to be a Jet.