Free agency approaching for Landry

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- LaRon Landry had no problem doubling down on his own talent and health last offseason by signing a one-year contract with the Jets.

"I wanted to solidify to everybody that the (Achilles tendon) injury was a fluke," Landry said Wednesday.

Through 14 games, it seems the safety's gamble will pay off. Landry has played well for the Jets and likely has earned himself a multi-year deal, be it from the Jets or another team. Landry said he would like to be back with the Jets, but wouldn't sign another one-year deal.

"Would I sign another one-year here? No. Not at all," Landry told reporters.

The Jets signed Landry on the cheap -- one year, $3.5 million -- because of injury problems that plagued him at the end of his tenure with the Redskins. After playing in all but one game the first three years of his career, Landry missed 15 games in 2010-11 with Achilles tendon issues. He strained the tendon in 2010, and the injury lingered. He also had groin issues last season.

The injuries didn't keep teams away from Landry -- he said between four and six teams were interested in him last offseason. He ultimately signed a one-year deal with the Jets hoping to prove he could stay healthy. This season he has 93 tackles and four forced fumbles, while also picking off two passes.

"I'm not injury-prone, never been injured, and never missed a game since the Achilles happened," Landry said. "Throughout my whole college career up until my (third) year in the league, I never missed a game. Being injury-prone, that was bull. Just something that happened."

While Landry has been a stabilizing presence in the Jets secondary, it may be hard for the team to re-sign him. The Jets already have big money invested in cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, and Landry's contract does not allow the team to use its franchise tag on him. Other teams likely will be able to offer more money.

Landry said his impending free agency is "mind-boggling" and stressful to a certain extent. He's only worrying about what he can control, and once the season is over he plans to head to Arizona and start working.

"This is what I do. I love it. I love the game with a passion," Landry said.

Although it appears Landry has won the bet he placed on himself earlier this year, the safety isn't ready to make that declaration just yet. Two more games stand in the way of him completing his first full season since his second year with the Redskins in 2008.

"You got two more games. I just want to finish," Landry said. "We'll see."