Kerley, Gates make Wildcat work

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- It took 16 weeks, but the Jets finally had a big passing play from the Wildcat. And it didn't involve Tim Tebow.

Receiver Jeremy Kerley completed a 42-yard pass, which was the team's fourth-longest completion of the season. Kerley, the Jets' emergency quarterback, played the position in high school and Sunday marked his first passing attempt of the year.

"I wanted to give Kerley a shot at running some Wildcat things," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "We knew they wouldn't expect him to throw the ball, and that was the case."

On the Jets' second drive, Kerley took the snap out of the Wildcat and heaved a long throw down the field for Clyde Gates. Kerley underthrew Gates, who had to wait on the ball with three San Diego defenders in the vicinity. The ball hung in the air as it approached Gates, making an interception possible.

"Please get down fast," Kerley said he was thinking. "[It] kind of hung up there a little bit."

Gates timed his leap perfectly and hauled in the pass, setting up the Jets' first scoring drive to tie the game at 7-7.

Gates had three catches for 65 yards on the day and while he had to do some work to haul in the completion, he complimented Kerley. Kerley now has thrown two passes in his career, both of which have gone for completions.

"It was a well-designed play," Gates said. "Coaches threw it in the Kerley package. He had a package this week and Kerley made a good throw on the ball."

"I seen the heavens," Kerley joked about watching his pass. "It just hung up on me. That's rarte for me. Usually I'm on point, 100 percent."