Playing-time analysis: Offense

A breakdown of Sunday's playing time (based on a total of 61 snaps):


Greg McElroy: 58 snaps/95 percent


Bilal Powell: 31 snaps/51 percent

Shonn Greene: 30 snaps/49 percent

Lex Hilliard: 17 snaps/28 percent

Joe McKnight: 1 snap/2 percent


Jeff Cumberland: 49 snaps/80 percent

Konrad Reuland: 21 snaps/34 percent

Jason Smith (jumbo TE): 12 snaps/20 percent

Hayden Smith: 3 snaps/5 percent


Jeremy Kerley: 50 snaps/82 percent

Braylon Edwards: 45 snaps/74 percent

Clyde Gates: 26 snaps/43 percent

Chaz Schilens: 20 snaps/33 percent

Jordan White: 3 snaps/5 percent

Analysis: What a motley cast of offensive characters. Consider: The players leading their respective positions began the season as backups -- in McElroy's case, third string. ... Press-box stats say McElroy was hit 16 times. That means he was hit by an opposing player once every 3.6 plays. ... Kerley ran four plays in the Wildcat, plus a play that was nullified by penalty. ... Greene also ran one play out of the Wildcat. ... Conspicuously missing, of course, is Tim Tebow, who spent the day modeling his uniform on the sideline.