McElroy 'fine' after concussion rest

Greg McElroy said Monday he is feeling better after missing Sunday's game with a concussion. Ed Mulholland/US Presswire

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Jets quarterback Greg McElroy said he feels "fine" after missing Sunday's game with a concussion. McElroy, who replaced Mark Sanchez as the starter in Week 16, hid his concussion symptoms for a few days before finally revealing them.

"Last week, [I was] just not really feeling like myself for much of the week. And once we got through Wednesday's practice, I really started to not feel like myself on Wednesday evening, and that kind of carried over into Thursday," McElroy said. "And at that point, that's when I said something. [I] feel much better now. A couple days of rest and relaxation, and I'm definitely feeling like myself."

McElroy's concussion was not announced until Dec. 27, the day Jets head coach Rex Ryan said the team found out about it, saying McElroy "wasn't exactly truthful" with the training staff. The quarterback did not disclose his symptoms after the game, and the team didn't find out until McElroy spoke up. Ryan ruled McElroy out of the next game, wanting to be cautious.

McElroy said Monday he didn't have any symptoms of the concussion after his first career start against San Diego on Dec. 23. After the game, he said he felt tired and worn out, which he said are usual feelings. He first noticed he wasn't feeling right after practice on Dec. 27, and after a workout the next day, he talked with Ryan and trainer John Melody and it was revealed he did have a concussion.

"A lot of times in the morning you maybe feel a little worn out, you don't feel like yourself, and then after watching the film and having that discomfort, that was really alarming," McElroy said. "Thank God for Rex and John Melody -- we were able to handle it and make a full recovery."

After sitting all of his rookie season, McElroy, a seventh-round pick, finally played this season. He replaced Sanchez in the second half against Arizona on Dec. 2, leading the team to a 7-6 win. For the season, McElroy completed 19 of 31 passes for 214 yards with a touchdown and interception. He was sacked 11 times in his one start.

The Jets will enter next season with questions about who will be the quarterback, and McElroy figures to be in the mix. He said Ryan did not talk to him about starting next season.

"We haven't talked about hypotheticals and what's in the future. We're worried about right now. Obviously everyone is still disappointed; we have a loss from yesterday still resonating with a lot of us and just a lot of disappointment," McElroy said. "We haven't worried about next year at this point. We're just worried about learning from the mistakes that we made yesterday and going into the offseason and understanding the improvements that have to be made individually and collectively, and I think everyone is looking forward to it and anxious to get started doing it."