Jets owner aware of possible PSL defaults

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- There are good long-term investments, and then there are Jets personal seat licenses.

That’s what some Jets fans told the New York Post for a story, and they are considering defaulting on the pricey seats after a 6-10 season that saw the value for their tickets fall.

Asked about it Tuesday at the Jets practice facility in Florham Park, team owner Woody Johnson said he is aware of emails from fans who are having trouble reselling their tickets and want out of the PSL contract.

"I have gotten the same things," Johnson said. "The fact is that we have a lot of passion. Our fans are very passionate and they feel very strongly. They’re going to lash out and express their feelings. I don’t blame them, quite frankly. It would be a lot worse if they were apathetic and they said, 'Um, I don’t really care about this.' ... We work for the fans and we want to produce something better. That’s why we’re making these changes. We’re listening to the fans."

When the Jets and Giants were building MetLife Stadium, fans who were season-ticket holders in the old Giants Stadium had the option of renewing, but with a PSL. It’s a contract that requires a ticketholder to pay, in addition to a per-game ticket price, a one-time fee to "own" that seat.

The Jets didn’t put a PSL on each seat, but the ones that have them can be pricey; starting at $5,000 a seat. It’s paid like a mortgage, owners can finance through a five- or 15-year plan. And like a mortgage, some PSL owners in the Post’s report and online are talking about defaulting. Johnson was asked if he planned to take those defaulters to court.

"I’m not going to comment on legal (issues)," Johnson said. "You can talk to the legal department on that. We work for our fans. They’re frustrated and I feel very confident we’re going to change this thing."