Sanchez speaks, discusses QB comp

On the first day of the offseason program, Mark Sanchez spoke to reporters for the first time in three months. Some of the highlights:

On last week's trade rumor involving the Bucs: "I don’t know what to say. That’s more of an upstairs question. I'm not really worried about that."

On having to battle for his job in an open competition: "I know Mr. (John) Idzik and Rex are big on competition and that was really the theme heading into this year -- and I completely understand that. I think it’ll bring out the best in everyone on the team. Everyone has to compete for their spot and I totally respect that. As far as I'm concerned, I'm preparing to play well for this team and do everything in my control to be the best quarterback on the roster."

On whether he still believes it's "his" team: "I'm coming into compete and be the best player I can. That’s my only focus. Nothing has really changed in my approach. You approach this thing like it’s yours, and that’s how you have to feel."

On committing 26 turnovers last season: "As a whole, we sustained some tough injuries. We didn’t quite develop an identity. I think, at times, there were decisions I made that put our team in a tough spot. I just forced the ball here or there. I tried to make up for something we didn’t have or something wasn’t right. You try to make a play and it comes back to get you."