Revis would've crushed the salary cap

We interrupt your draft-day anticipation to bring you this random thought:

If the Jets had acquiesced to Darrelle Revis and signed him to the same contract he received from the Bucs (six years, $96 million) -- he said he would've accepted the same deal -- they would've used almost all of their remaining salary-cap room.

Right now, the Jets have $7.25 million in cap room, according to the NFLPA figures. Revis is counting $13 million. If they had given him a $10 million raise in 2013 compensation, which is what the Bucs did, his cap number would've ballooned to $19 million. In that case, they'd have approximately $1.25 million in cap space, meaning they'd have to cut players and/or restructure contracts to sign their draft picks.

The Jets' rookie pool, based on their current eight picks, will be approximately $7.3 million. That's based on last year's slotting, so you have to figure there will be an ever-so-slight bump.

If you're wondering why Revis still counts $13 million on the cap, here you go:

In 2011, he received an $18 million option bonus, which got pro-rated over the remaining six years of the contract. (The last three years were bogus years, tied to a voidable that would've triggered if he didn't stage a holdout.) So the Jets get hit with this year's pro-rated amount ($3 million), plus an acceleration of the remaining pro-rated years ($9 million). The Jets also get a $1 million charge for the roster bonus that was triggered last month.

He's off their cap in 2014.