Folk hero

Nick Folk doesn’t have to look back too far to remember a time when his status with the Jets was in jeopardy. The kicker was in the middle of a difficult OTA season, where he was missing practice kicks in spectacular fashion.

It was a rough moment.

“In OTAs yes,” Folk said. “You just learn from those mistakes and I did I talkes a lot with (special teams) coach (Mike) Westhoff and with Steve Weatherford about what we were all doing and we all worked trhough it together and it worked out great.”

If Folk needed any further indication of how much he has turned things around, he got it Wednesday when he was named AFC special team player of the week.

He got the regnition after contributing the only offensive points in a Monday night win over the Vikings, hitting four first-half field goals in the driving rain during the 29-20 win. One of those was for 53-yards, a long shot even in perfect weather.

“At the end there it got really wet really fast,” Folk said. “And I’m sure that’s hard to deal with because it’s hard to deal with on my end, I couldn’t imagine trying to catch a ball that wet or anything. They trusted me to get the ball through the uprights.”

Folk ended the game with five field goals, and has made all 13 PAT tries this season. He currently leads all scorers this season with 49 points, and has made 12 of 14 field goals.